A “Texascapes” for the record book!

For several years, Chuck and Barbara have been very fortunate to have a major gallery feature a large exhibition of their paintings.  Named “Texascapes,” each show has been a great opportunity to share – and sell - the best of their newest work.  While all have been successful in their own ways, this year’s “Texascapes” at R. S. Hanna Gallery has eclipsed them all.  Record sales occurred, both in number of paintings and in income.  Multiple commissions emerged.  Credit for this unprecedented success goes completely to Shannon Hanna and her mom, Maggie.  Thanks to these remarkable ladies for making this happen!

 An interesting and unexpected upshot from the show may be a market for paintings with a Native American theme.  Chuck has occasionally painted these over the years but the one in this show lit a fire among several collectors.  So, with a renewed passion for painting Natives, here is his latest, a 24 x 30 oil entitled, “Father Knows Best.”


The March-April issue of Southwest Art magazine has a great write-up on Chuck, which you can see by clicking here.


My first painting video!  All the preparation for a Quick Draw that didn’t happen turned into a perfect opportunity to make a fast-paced video.  Check it out below.  The painting took about 45 minutes in real time, but this was sped up in the movie for entertainment value.  For those artists and friends who would like to know more about the process, please click here for a pdf that explains it all.