Welcomed by R. S. Hanna Gallery!

Fredericksburg Art Gallery, my main gallery for ten years, has closed.  Simply put, not enough sales, despite the dedicated efforts of the owner Clayton Sammons and his family.  While the gallery is gone, our close friendship with them is certainly not.

The really, really good news is that R. S. Hanna Gallery has taken us in!  This fabulous gallery is located at 244 West Main Street in Fredericksburg.  Owner Shannon Hanna has earned an impeccable reputation for marketing art with many years of experience and success, so we are honored to join her team and looking forward to providing her with our very best work.  Many paintings are already on display, including this one, “Not Short for Long” (12x16).  Come check it out!


 "Morning Moo's" (20x24) was selected for display in the very prestigious Mountain Oyster Club Contemporary Western Art Show and Sale in Tucson, Arizona.  The show opens with a huge gala reception on November 18 and runs through the end of the year.


My first painting video!  All the preparation for a Quick Draw that didn’t happen turned into a perfect opportunity to make a fast-paced video.  Check it out below.  The painting took about 45 minutes in real time, but this was sped up in the movie for entertainment value.  For those artists and friends who would like to know more about the process, please click here for a pdf that explains it all.