The very latest oil paintings

Barn Movie



My first painting video!  All the preparation for a Quick Draw that didn’t happen turned into a perfect opportunity to make a fast-paced video.  Check it out below.  The painting took about 45 minutes in real time, but this was sped up in the movie for entertainment value.  For those artists and friends who would like to know more about the process, please click here for a pdf that explains it all.


A collection of pencil and silverpoint drawings.

Notes on silverpoint:  These drawings were made using a silver stylus, which is a narrow rod of pure silver metal held in a conventional mechanical pencil.  Marks were drawn on an acrylic ground specially formulated by Golden® for silverpoint.  This ground was coated onto either birch plywood directly or onto Bristol board paper, mounted on plywood.  The initial marks are gray, but will gradually turn darker as the silver undergoes its normal tarnishing.  Drawing with silverpoint is similar to pen & ink; the marks consist of thin lines which cannot be erased.  Silverpoint emerged as a popular drawing medium in the early Renaissance, but soon gave way to the graphite pencil we all know today.  Fortunately, the medium has found enough practitioners over time to keep it alive and well.



Here is a sampling of Chuck's current, typical gallery prices for his framed oil paintings:



Price $

30 x 40


24 x 36


22 x 28


15 x 30


18 x 24


16 x 20


14 x 18


12 x 16


11 x 14


9 x 12



Please contact Chuck for prices for other sizes.  All sales are made through the galleries.

Plein Air Trips

"Plein Air Trips" are multi-day visits to special places to paint outdoors - to paint the landscape from life!  Here are some comments for the images below:

[A]  Oil Painters of America has added a wonderful plein air painting competition to their annual National Show and Convention.  The 2019 event took place in St. George, Utah.  Snow Canyon, just a few miles from downtown, was a popular destination, full of beautiful sandstone terrain.  Kolob Canyon, on the west side of Zion National Park, was another great place to paint.

[B]  The OPA National Show in 2018 was in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Fish Creek Falls was a popular destination for many painters, including Chuck and Barbara.  Weather was perfect and a lot of fantastic paintings were produced by this top-of-the-food-chain organization.  Winners of the competition are posted on the OPA website.

[C]  Painting for three full days in Guadalupe Mountains National Park was indeed an awesome experience for Chuck and Barbara.  While the park is very isolated in far west Texas, once there, the main mountainous features, like El Capitan and the highest-in-Texas Guadalupe Peak, are easily visible from the highway and visitor centers.  Desert flora is the norm, from the flat surrounding plain and on up the rocky slopes.  Sunlight produces wonderful patterns of light and shadow which make painting a delight.

[D]  Zion National Park in southern Utah is well known for it's stunning scenery of sheer rock cliffs that line the sides of the canyon formed by the Virgin River.  A brief visit to Zion in December 2016 provided Chuck and Barbara the opportunity to do some plein air painting in and around the park.  Mornings were cold, temps in the teens, but bright sunlight warmed up the days.  Unlimited compositions were easily accessed from parking areas and pull outs, a major plus for this awesome park.

[E]  Chuck and Barbara made a fabulous trip to Tucson back in November, 2015, where they painted outdoors for several days and attended a sensational artists' reception for the very prestigious Mountain Oyster Club Show and Sale.  Plein air painting was aided by perfect weather.  The desert scenery around Tucson was interesting and very fun to paint.  Plant life was richer and denser than expected; colors muted but beautiful.  Greens seemed much cooler than the norm for central Texas.  The scenes are from Saguaro National Park (Tucson Mountain District and Rincon Mountain District), Tucson Mountain County Park, and outside our rent house.  The two paintings with the Native Americans were done in the studio.

Pencil Drawings

Silverpoint Drawings